About Us

 Árvores Genealógicas.com is a investigation group based in Portugal sthat congregates various experienced investigators in the areas of Genealogy and Heraldic, together with a graphic design team. Therefore, the multidisciplinary feature of our project, will allow Árvores Genealógicas.com to present high quality services.

 Therefore, Árvores Genealógicas.com is proud to present five products:


     1. Genealogical trees in a digital design format.

     2. Investigation pack:

     3. Investigation support pack;

     4. Index Research;

     5. Articles;

Understanding that a family’s intimacy is a value to preserve, all our collaborators are committed to respect a strict ethical code, assuming the compromise of guarantying total secrecy regarding the identity of our clients and of all the information provided by them in the beginning of such investigation. 

In the same sense and aiming to provide a personalized service, a responsible investigator will always be appointed to each investigation.

Looking forward to cooperating with You,


 Árvores Genealógicas.com







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